NLP Associations & Boards


NLP training as an industry is not yet regulated. Most associations or boards offer no real quality assurance, standards or independent evaluation.

Many of these organisations exist only to provide benefit for their own training products, and to promote and drive for marketing revenues. Even if they publish Training Standards or a Training Curriculum, many of them are inadequate and has much lower standards or include much less training contents than many of the reputable training providers’ standards and curricula. Some of these organisations don’t even understand the critical aspects of NLP let alone establishing any kind of standards or have enough authority to regulate the market or provide quality assurance.

The lack of quality control was highlighted in the BBC investigation, by registering a cat named George to various NLP, hypnosis and related associations; see

ITA Certifying Institute

The ITA curriculum is not adopted by other Associations or Boards, but as it is established by one of the co-creators of NLP, Dr. John Grinder, There are many training organisations now start to adopt it and wanting to be ITA Certifying Institutes. We hold it in very good standing, and believe it serves as a yard stick for other training organisations to evaluate their own training. After all who is better than Dr. Grinder himself to set the training standard of the field that he co-created and continue to develop with the New Code NLP?

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