Before you start


Before you start embarking on the journey of NLP, it is good to know the following:

About NLP Training Industry and Associations

NLP training as an industry is not yet regulated. Most associations or boards offer no real quality assurance, standards or independent evaluation. Read more here

About Effective NLP Trainers

There are many NLP Training schools and Trainers’ training schools; the quality of trainers produced varies, despite the training organisation’s best efforts. Read more here

About NLP Trainer’s Lineage

Traditionally, the quality of NLP training can be evaluated by the lineage of the trainer. So, if trainers were trained by the two co-creators or their first generation students or co-developers of NLP, then quality might be assumed. The training lineage is still important, but we should not automatically assume quality; Read more here

About the value of your certificate

Not all NLP Practitioner Certificates are of equal quality. It is like getting a Law degree from Harvard University compared to a Law degree from an uncredited learning institution. They are all called Law Degrees, but not of equal standing. Read more here

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