Why & How


Why would you want to learn from a qualified NLP Trainer? How do you know they are truly qualified and of quality?

The answer for the first question is simple, it can be answered with another question: “Would you want to learn how to build a house that is safe to live in from an electrician who is not qualified to build a house?”

It is important to find a qualified trainer who can actually train you correctly and set you on the right path. This must be someone who also has experiences in using NLP on themselves to understand the impact of using NLP. Once you are on the right path, you can accelerate your skills quite quickly if you practice. A qualified NLP Trainer does not mean they are quality NLP Trainers or offering Quality NLP courses, hence the second question.

The answer for the second question is not so easy, and in this section we are attempting to provide some answers for you.

Start with the Before You Start section first, which offers you some important insights into the NLP training industry so you can make the right decisions.

Then explore at your leisure the following topics:

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