New Code & Classic Code NLP


Like any other discipline, as a field of study matures, it evolves and refines its approaches. NLP, as a discipline which also evolved and developed over time. The original development of NLP in the late 70’s to early 80’s is now called the Classic Code of NLP. Since late 80’s, one of the co-creators, Dr. John Grinder, first developed the New Code of NLP with Judith Delozier, and continued later with Carmen Bostic St Clair, to correct some of the original design errors.

ITA NLP Approved New Code Institute - Certifying Institutes enter a partnership with the ITA to ensure the highest Neuro Linguistic Programming standards are achieved by learners. Certifying Institutes work to ensure the Grinder/Bostic/Carroll philosophy features in the courses. The Practitioner certificates issued by a ‘Certifying Institute’ carry the prestigious ITA seal and, even more uniquely, the ink signatures of John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll.  As in any partnership, the ITA gives Certifying Institutes full support in creating courses.  Approved New Code Trainer - Approved New Code Trainers are Certifying Institutes whose Trainers have also attended the New Code NLP Trainers Training.

Some training schools believe New Code NLP is far greater than the Classic Code. We believe you cannot learn New Code effectively without the the skill sets and capabilities developed with Classic Code. Classic Code sets the foundation and New Code takes NLP into an area that previously had not been explored and is very powerful as a tool. The fact is that NLP is about choices and creating options; we now have more options at our disposal. Both New Code and Classic Code of NLP are equally important. Very few organisations can certify with NLP New Code. Blue-Sky Transformation is one of these rare training organisations. ITA Certified New Code Trainers can be called New Code trainers and offer New Code Practitioner trainings. ITA Certified New Code Institutes can issue Grinder & Bostic St Clair’s ink signatured New Code Practitioner Certificates.

A pre-requisite to fully appreciate New Code is to have a sound grounding in Rapport, Calibration, 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions, Chain of Excellence, Involuntary Signals and the deep appreciation of Framing built during their NLP Practitioner course.

The New Code of NLP enables a relationship to unfold between the conscious and unconscious mind that creates all kinds of life experiences. The New Code Practitioner learns to suspend conscious filters for the unconscious to present choice after choice, creating constant possibilities. The conscious acknowledges the new choices, and the dance goes on to new levels of personal performance, the result being new levels of personal excellence.

Our New Code Practitioner course presents you all the latest patterning, designs, and games that John and Carmen personally use with corporate and individual clients alike.

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