NLP Café Brisbane

NLP Café Brisbane is an NLP practice group, which aims to help NLP Professionals to advance their skills and individuals to learn to use the tools they were born with.

Through out the years, we have realised that to train students well is only half of a complete NLP education. On going practice and exposure to NLP Practitioners trained from different schools is healthy and essential for the development of the field of NLP and for our students.

NLP Café Brisbane is an NLP practice group, which aims to help our students as well as other NLP Professionals to advance their skills. This group also serve as an information provider for the public to learn what NLP is about and other related topics such as “Why there are training providers that train NLP Practitioners in 7 days?”.

Our company,Blue-Sky Transformation established the NLP Cafe first in New Zealand in 2003, and later in Brisbane in 2007, as part of our “Sustainable Success through Community Contribution” initiative and an outpost program of NLP Comprehensive. Members meet regularly to learn, practice and develop their NLP skills and applications. NLP Café Brisbane as a premier source of information for the public regarding NLP application, professional services and acceptable conduct, also provides sessions that are specific to the general public, such as “Open Coaching / Mentoring sessions”, and “Information Nights”.

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