NLP Master Practitioner Program


NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training Program

Modules (NLP New Code, Master Practitioner) can be taken in any order and over an extended period of time

This most comprehensive and in-depth NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program is specially designed to acclerate your development and capabilities. This program has two parts. Part I is New Code NLP Practitioner Certification. Part II is NLP Modeling, Specialised NLP Applications and Advanced Coaching Framework. This page will provide you with more details on Part II of the program, for more information on New Code NLP part of the progarm please click on the New Code NLP practitioner page link.


Normal duration for this training: 12 days

Normal duration for full NLP Master Practitioner Training Part I + Part II: 16 days

Course Description

Our Master practitioner program is unlike any other in the world. This is one of the most comprehensive, in depth and practical NLP Master Practitioner courses that will help you take the quantum leap in your skill level to artfully applying NLP in all areas of your life and accelerate your effectivenss to use NLP in your profession. This two part program includes the latest development in the field of NLP: NLP New Code as well as the core of real NLP: Modeling. The key focus for this part of the training is on the core of what makes NLP different from other modalities - Modelling. You will experience fully the process of modelling and how to replicate talent to enhance your capabilities. As a result, you will be able to accelerate the development of your personal genius, gaining insight into individuals and groups, and creating powerful change with advanced language patterns and specialised NLP Applications.

The heart of this program is the provision for ongoing opportunities to learn modelling skills and New Code NLP. Through our specialised processes you can learn to expand, develop and become even more flexible with your model of the world by exploring patterns of behaviour within yourselves and others.

We do this program as a series of separate modules which can be taken over time as you pace your own learning and of course working with your budget and opportunities to take time out. This is a course that deepens, extends and stretches participant's capabilities to truly elevate their level of competency. Time to integrate learning is important for gaining the most out of this course.

How does it work?

There are four main parts to the Master Practitioner Certification Program Part II. These are:

  • NLP Modelling techniques and projects
  • Specialised NLP Patterns
  • Advanced Coaching Frameworks
  • Master Practitioner Assessment
  • Students who have not completed NLP Foundations (or Essential NLP) and the NLP Practitioner Certification courses or New Code NLP Practitioner, but wish to be considered for our NLP Master Practitioner course can apply and may be required to attend a bridging course to acquire the prerequisites required to continue and be qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner from our Institution.
  • Students can attend NLP New Code, Master Practitioner courses without ever proceeding on to obtain the NLP Master Practitioner Certificate. All of these courses are of great value as stand-alone additions to any current NLP Practitioners' experience.

The NLP Master Practitioner program will re-enforce and expand on all that the student has learned within the NLP Foundations (or Essential NLP) and the NLP Practitioner Certification courses. Students will gain refined NLP distinctions as they improve their competency and confidence in using the models and patterns of NLP, enabling students to further identify suitable and appropriate patterns to fit with their work and personal situations. Students study the complex structures within individuals and organisations that cause them to formulate their values and world views in the way that they do.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course Outline

Master Practitioner: Modelling, Specialised NLP Patterns and Advanced Coaching Framework

  • Advanced Language Patterns
    • 16 Advanced Reframing Patterns
    • Moving from impossibility to possibility
    • Transforming reality with language
  • Advanced Hypnotic Techniques- Specific Ericksonian Hypnotic suggestions and patterns
  • Advanced Time Line Patterns and sorting
  • Advanced NLP Applications - working with our unconscious mind deeply
  • Advanced NLP Applications - Using NLP for healing and health
  • Advanced NLP Applications - Extended Parts format and its implications
  • Advanced NLP Applications - Applying NLP for business effectivenss

What happens after students have completed each module?

When students have completed their NLP New Code training, students will be a certified NLP New Code Practitioner. students will have a choice to obtain a John Grinder, Carmen Bostic, Sonya Yeh Spencer and Mark Spencer ink signatured certificate with additional fee or Blue-Sky Transformation (as a New Code NLP certifying Institute Certificate) with the signatures of Sonya Yeh Spencer and Mark Spencer which is included in their course fee.

Once students have completed all - Master Practitioner Certification Training Part I: NLP New Code training and Master Practitioner Certification Training Part II, students will be qualified to be a certified NLP New Code Practitioner Master Practitioner of NLP and Advanced NLP Coach

Successfully passing the NLP Master Practitioner Course allows students to obtain the title: Master Practitioner of NLP