- NLP Foundations (Part I)


NLP Foundations AustraliaOn this course you will learn the Epistemology of NLP, Deep Rapport Building, The Skills of Calibration, Understand and experience Representational systems, Understanding State, The Chain of Excellence (the foundation of New Code NLP), Logical Level/Logical Types, The Meta Model, The Milton Model, Creation and Utilization of Metaphors, The Congruency Model of NLP, How to build emotional intelligence, how to Communicate with Precision and Effectiveness, Anchoring, Sub-modalities, Working with Time Lines, Perceptual Positions and Triple Descriptions, Reframing, Intention, Parts integration and Negotiation between parts. Successful students of the NLP Foundations / Essential NLP course will be awarded an Advanced Communications Certificate.

NLP Foundations overview

NLP Foundations

Pre-requisite: None

Normal duration: 8 days

Training Structure: In class room setting, mini projects, take home work books

Training Assessment: Not unless the student continues to NLP Practitioner Certification program. You are free to continue with the NLP Practitioner training, and some stop at NLP Foundations because that is all they need, and can pick up the NLP Practitioner course later if they want to.

Training Format: See on-line Training Calender for details

Qualification: Advanced Communication

About the course

By attending this course you will gain a solid NLP working foundation and tools while experiencing great insights. NLP Foundations will have you building better relationships, improving communication at work and at home, and the tools to start develop your capabilities. The grounding for self which is built during this course is fundamental to learning to work with others in a effective and ecological way. Far more than an introduction, you will learn in depth the practical aspects of NLP and integrate them confidently in all aspects of your professional and personal life. NLP Foundations is the first 8 days of the NLP Practitioner Certification program and many who start here continue to complete NLP Practitioner training.

Our course integrates New Code foundations and Classic Code NLP patterns as well as new distinctions from the Co-creator of NLP. This means you will learn the core NLP patterns originally developed as well as all the newest material.

In this NLP Foundations course you will gain solid skills to achieve. You will walk away with greater clarity, ability to create change in yourself, understand the deep dynamic between people, and re-shape your own identity for success in life.

Maybe now is the time to:

  • Discover ‘Who’ is really directing your life
  • Take charge of your life to create success
  • Uncover your unconscious strategies
  • Install desired behaviours
  • Communicate clearly and precisely to generate results and boost your career
  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence to get the best results from yourself and others in any situation
  • Exercise your right to generate choices in life
  • Win friends and Influencing people with integrity
  • Understand others so you can be understood

NLP Practitioner detailed topics covered

Course Outline




The NLP Foundation Building Blocks

  • NLP Epistemology Foundations – understanding how we create our internal world
  • Rapport Building Foundations – establish relationships at any level
  • Calibration Foundations- read your clients non-verbal behaviour, recognise congruence/incongruence and unconscious signals
  • Representational Systems Foundations – the way we structure information in our mind
  • State – develop the ability to work within states and how to change them easily and create optimal performance.
  • Time – recognise how you and others process time and what that means
  • Chain of Excellence – essential to maintain peak performance and to replicate talents using NLP

Language and Influence

  • The Meta Model – the language patterns of precision
  • The Milton Model – the patterns of language that get your message across so easily often bypassing the conscious objections of the listener.
  • Logical Level/Logical Types – how we structure thoughts and ensure clarity
  • Metaphors Foundations, grounding to stimulate the unconscious to improve the richness of communication and to assist creative solutions from those around you.

Foundational Change Processes

  • Anchoring (foundational) processes for building resources and re-accessing states
  • Sub-modalities – for changing the structure of our experience
  • Time Line – Personal time-line work
  • Creating resources – to enhance our capabilities
  • Perceptual Positions and Triple Descriptions to gain maximum perspective
  • Reframing – the pattern to create powerful change
  • Intention – understanding and utilising intentions to deal with inconsistencies in your own and other people’s lives
  • Parts integration – to create alignment and balance
  • Negotiation between parts (for both personal and business application)

There are two themes of training that we cover all the way through your NLP Foundations:
Emotional Intelligence
NLP Foundations will enhance and help you establish your Emotional Intelligence. The aim is to assist you to create a strong connection with yourself, elevate your self-awareness and provides self-management skills. At times we offer this course stand-alone, or to contribute towards your eventual growth with the NLP Practitioner program.
Communicating with Precision and Effectiveness
It is all about Communicating with Precision and Effectiveness”. It includes many practical techniques so you can engage more meaningfully with clarity and eliminating many of the barriers to effective communication. This part of the course provides the basis for ways NLP can enhance our communication skills specifically with others and in doing so enhance the quality of our lives.

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What is the the next training you do after this? NLP Practitioner Part-II, Advanced Patterns

Successful students of the NLP Foundations course will be awarded an Advanced Communications Certificate

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