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If you are like the thousands of people who have benefited from NLP around the world, since the two co-creators of NLP, Dr. John Grinder and Richard Bandler developed NLP, you must have realised that TIME IS PRECIOUS and life is too short to waste it on shortcuts that do not work.

One thing that does work is NLP; so choose to learn NLP, the only real shortcut to have a great life now. Thousands of us have done it, and we are now reaping the rewards. Is now the time for you to reap the rewards in life?

Is it time to:

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It is time to step into your power and enjoy abundant success

  • Discover ‘Who’ is really directing your life
  • Take charge of your life to create success
  • Uncover your unconscious strategies
  • Install desired behaviours
  • Communicate clearly and precisely to generate results and boost your career
  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence to get the best results from yourself & others in any situation
  • Exercise your right to generate choices in life
  • Win friends and Influence people with integrity
  • Understand others so you can be understood
  • Breakthrough your limitations and Expand your choices in life
  • Decipher other people’s non-verbal communication and way of thinking
  • Learn how to use your brain to rewrite the effects of your past and create a positive future
  • Gain the secrets of successful people
  • Release yourself from the grip of FEAR and step into CONFIDENCE, LOVE, HAPPINESS and HEALTH
  • Create Values and Beliefs that enable you on every level
  • Establish deeply rewarding and beneficial relationships to enrich your life and others around you
  • Communicate skilfully to bypass listeners’ conscious objections
  • Become Effective Parents, Leaders and Managers
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Unleash Your Influential Force

Unleash what is hidden in you

Unleash Your Influence and Get More "Yes" in life!

Human intelligence and creativity are the two most influential powers we possess.  William James, said that “the average person rarely achieves but a small portion of his or her potential”   It is like we are born with the most advanced space craft, but we only ever polish the bonnet from time to time, or roll it down the road for groceries.  How you get the space craft to fly to the moon or beyond is all to do with accessing more of our brilliance, using the very brains that most of the healthy amongst us were born with!

Access What is Hidden in You

NLP helps us tap into the under-utilized portions of our capabilities in many specific ways.  By establishing a beneficial mindset that serves you, (demonstrating how your mind processes information), you can work with your mind to generate results. This means that you can access hidden information that you are not currently aware of and how to work with these pieces of information for success in whatever you are pursuing.
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More Yes in your life

When you apply yourself in the most optimal way by understanding how “you” operate, and use what you know about yourself in a deliberate and effective fashion to influence your life positively, you will experience more “YES” answers in Life.  We know it, because we live it, so can you!
In this NLP Practitioner course, you will gain solid skills to do all of the above and much more. You will walk away with greater clarity, ability to create change in yourself, understand the deep dynamic between people, and re-shape your own identity for success in life.

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What can I Use NLP For?

  • Developing Yourself and be your own coach!
  • Creating Positive personal and Professional Relationships that enhance the quality of your life!
  • Negotiating a Win-Win Solution
  • Generating More Sales and meet that target
  • Creating and delivering Powerful Presentations
  • Facilitating Meetings that establish Clearly Defined Business Strategies
  • Supporting Your Ultimate Health and Healing
  • Effective Parenting
  • Becoming an Effective Coach and Change Agent
  • Replicating Other People’s Talents
  • Enhancing Sports Performance

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And if you are learning NLP and wanting to become a coach, the set of tools we will train you with is the perfect framework to help you conduct effective coaching sessions and expand your capabilities and choices with how to handle a wider range of clients.

However, the true value is in how this course + additional tools will help you shape your inner game to create more successes in life and that is priceless!

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