Support during the training


While you are on the course

To help you on your NLP journey, we have developed 6 ways to help you:

NLP Capability Development Workbook

This is a specially designed Workbook that will help you gain insight, create paradigm shifts and deepen your awarness.  This is not for sale publically, and is sepecially designed to assist our students while on the course and can often be used as a resource guide for your clients in the future.

Personal Development Journal

This is specially designed for you to apply NLP in different areas of your life, so you can learn to ultilise NLP patterns and techniques for your personal as well as professional life. You will be able to use NLP with flexibility and across various contexts.

On-Line Resources

Special On-line resourecesa are available for students to access while they are on the course and after the course for a given period of time.

Special NLP Cafe Brisbane Sessions

To master your NLP skills, practice is the key.  We have special practice sessions that helps NLP Practitioner Trainees, NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners to practice NLP skills and patterns.

For Your Emergence Blog

Our regular blog is full of tips and insights.  By reading and taking on board of our tips and insights, you will further deepen your understanding and skill to impliment NLP patterns.

Special Mentoring Programs

Many of you will start to explore what NLP can truely do for you and what are other possible NLP applications while you are still onthe course or just finished the course.  By reqest we can run special small group mentoring programs to help you develop yourself further with an additional fee.

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