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John Grinder

John Grinder is the co-originator of NLP and one of the greatest thinkers of our lifetime. He has authored 14 books on complex subjects ranging from transformational grammar, family therapy and his creation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. John Grinder originally developed NLP in the 1970’s by collaborating with Richard Bandler in modelling selected geniuses such as Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and Milton Erickson. John Grinder now refers to the original NLP modelling projects as Classic Code NLP; his more recent work is called New Code NLP. John Grinder initiated The New Code originally with Judith Delozier and more recently with Carmen Bostic St Clair. The New Code streamlines and brings significant enhancements to the now thirty+ year old Classic Code. John and Carmen deliver a full schedule of New Code NLP-based seminars around the world.

John and Carmen teamed up with Michael Carroll of the NLP Academy UK to launch the International Trainers Academy of NLP (ITANLP). The purpose of the ITANLP is to bring some of the standards that John, Carmen and Michael have integrated into their own work to the general NLP community. John, Carmen and Michael lead an annual Trainers Training to a worldwide audience training new NLP trainers to the highest standards. The Grinder, Bostic, Carroll training is rigorous and all who qualify can become members of the ITANLP.

International Trainer’s Academy, London, UK:

The mission of the ITA is to continually improve the quality of NLP Training on offer to the NLP public by ensuring our member Trainers have themselves received the highest quality NLP Trainers Training and testing, and that member trainers are committed to continually develop and enhance their own NLP skills. John Grinder, is keen to ensure his intentions when co-creating the field are maintained and the integrity of NLP is preserved for future NLP generations to be build upon. This is what John has to say about his personal motives in forming the ITANLP.

Our business description on the ITANLP Website and our course listings on the ITANLP Website

The Business NLP Academy
London, UK:

NLP for business organisation in Europe and facilitates pragmatic applications of NLP. While many NLP companies offer NLP for business as part of an overall course, the Business NLP Academy is different in that all of our courses focus on NLP application in a business environment, whilst developing high-level skills that enable business people to be even more effective in their work. The Business NLP Academy offers courses across the business spectrum from sales, marketing, negotiation, business coaching, team development, leadership as well as our leading NLP Business Practitioner course.

Metropolis NLP

Leeds, UK & Romania: Design and delivery of Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming courses in the UK, Norway and USA. Behavioural Assessments for management and personnel development: and
An Integral Approach to Organisational Development, Auckland, Wellington, NZ: NLP New Zealand Limited

At NLP NZ we deliver the highest quality comprehensive NLP programs available in New Zealand today. Our scope of delivery includes personal and executive coaching, in-house training courses, with premium NLP Certification programs delivered in Auckland and Wellington, and localised programs for delivering corporate training.


In2Motivation is specialized in motivation, NLP courses and training on dealing with changes in behaviour and cultural changes. For individual and also for motivation sessions and workshops at company and management meetings. In2Motivation works together with several international NLP trainers and is based in Amsterdam and Breda.
Holistic Directions
Holistic Directions is a professional NLP training and coaching services firm specializing in personal and professional skills development. Offering over twenty five years of experience in professional services, consumer retail and financial services, Holistic Directions delivers a range of communications solutions. Based in Winnipeg, Holistic Directions works with ITA NLP Trainers to provide training services to clients in the Canadian and International market:

Adrian Cox
uses a blend of yoga and psychology to coach the “whole person” and train teachers and therapists to do the same. His work explores and integrates the three dimensions of Mind, Body and Field. Yoga and NLP Sessions available in Bangkok, Zurich, and Seattle:
Focused Mind Solutions ltd
London, UK & France: Peter Sailisbury and Associates:
Ryan Tee – Certified NLP Trainer (ITANLP)
Malaysia: Email: info@NLP.Asia Phone: (+60)12-5678 805 NLP.Asia