Aug 152010
How to choose the right NLP Training

Real NLP Trainers distinguish processes from content because they understand the importance of such a distinction and have the skills to show you the “How”. This comprehensive document inclueds tips for choosing a trainer and a three page checklist. Is your focus in NLP towards education or perhaps you considering it an essential coaching tool? What should you look for in the trainer?

Dec 122009
Building Emotional Intelligence

Do know what the number one reason why individuals miss their opportunity to be promoted at work according to Harvard Business School’s recent study? It has been said that IQ lands you a job, and EQ keeps you in the job. A career in management involves coping with complexity; a life of leadership relies on your coping with change. If you want to lead, you need to be able to cope with change….

Sep 082009
Blue-Sky Transformation joins the International Trainers Academy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ITANLP)

I as the co-creator of NLP and the New Code and Carmen Bostic St Clair, as the co-developer of the new code have carefully selected Michael Carroll as our co-worker and colleague to establish and operate the International Trainers Academy of NLP. The present existing organizations purporting to represent quality standards in NLP are from my point of view seriously lacking in precisely that avowed purpose – namely, the setting and maintenance of quality requirements in the training and transfer of the patterning of NLP to students seeking mastery in the field. In particular, the behavior of these would-be Trainers and Training Institutes are consistently marked by one of more of the following defects:

1. the drift towards intellectualization of the patterning: students who are issued certificates at the practitioner level, for example and are able to speak coherently about the patterns but are UNABLE to actually apply them in real time with actual clients –students with left brain representations of the patterning and little, if any, behavioral competency. At the practitioner level of certification, the criterion is behavioral competency. To achieve verbal adroitness in speaking about the patterns without the ability to perform is a travesty and such intellectual “competency” will likely constitute an impediment to actual competence
2. written examinations in lieu of tests of behavioral competency: written, left-brained tests are NEVER an appropriate substitute for demonstrations of behavioral competency, the measure of effective training
3. the increasing number of so-called NLP Trainers who themselves are quite clearly incongruent with the message they carry