Emotional Intelligence

Aug 142010
Can NLP help my with all my relationships?

“Most of us want deeply satisfying relationships. NLP will dramatically increase your ability to relate and build the relationships that are deeply rewarding and joyful to be in.” ..For those who want to hone their skills to improve their quality of relationships, career options, or seeking business improvement through relationship building.

May 302010
An NLP Master Practitioner Program unlike any other

Our Master practitioner program is unlike any other in the world. This is one of the most comprehensive, in depth and practical NLP Master Practitioner courses that will help students take the quantum leap in their skill level to artfully applying NLP in all areas of their life. The key focus is on the core […]

Dec 132009

All the elements of Effective Communication have been incorporated into our courses. For your emergence to really take hold, it is more about what is going on inside you then what is going on outside of you. When it is going on inside of you, it is happening largely in language. Does your internal dialog […]

Dec 122009
Building Emotional Intelligence

Do know what the number one reason why individuals miss their opportunity to be promoted at work according to Harvard Business School’s recent study? It has been said that IQ lands you a job, and EQ keeps you in the job. A career in management involves coping with complexity; a life of leadership relies on your coping with change. If you want to lead, you need to be able to cope with change….

Oct 212009
Who Takes NLP Training?

We have found that those of you who want to study NLP come from 3 main areas: Self development, Career and Coaching (others). The one thing common amongst most of them is their profound desire to better understand, work with, and change human experience and behaviour to achieve (and/or assist others to achieve) more of […]