Nov 252010
Weekend Training Format - NLP Foundations

Do you want to learn NLP, but you are constrained by getting time off work? Would you like to learn NLP without giving up any of your week days and losing income? How about learning NLP in a format that enables you integrate more easily and you are able to use the tools immediately? Due [...]

Aug 232010
NLP for Agents of Change

Did you know that we are all Change Agents, because we all influence others and ourselves on a daily basis? The difference is, some make change with skill and some don’t. The ones who do it with skill are the ones who get rewarded. Would you like to be able to rely less on formal [...]

Aug 142010
How can I use NLP to Succeed in Life?

Successful people know what they want. They also know why they want it and are ready to accept the consequences, good or bad, when achieving their goal. …Not everyone who succeeds in life knows “how” to get to where they want to be.

Aug 142010
How do you use NLP for Business?

“The need for people skills and communication consistency in all business dealings has become an essential ingredient for continued success in any organisation.” …for those who want to hone their skills to improve their career options, or who are seeking business improvement through increasing their own personal profitability and influencing others to do the same. …NLP is the most powerful tool to instigate change and personal development. NLP forms the foundation for many of the self help systems available today – why not go to the source for this information? Read more by downloading this publication.

Dec 132009
Effective Communication

All the elements of Effective Communication have been incorporated into our courses. For your emergence to really take hold, it is more about what is going on inside you then what is going on outside of you. When it is going on inside of you, it is happening largely in language. Does your internal dialog [...]

Dec 122009
Building Emotional Intelligence

Do know what the number one reason why individuals miss their opportunity to be promoted at work according to Harvard Business School’s recent study? It has been said that IQ lands you a job, and EQ keeps you in the job. A career in management involves coping with complexity; a life of leadership relies on your coping with change. If you want to lead, you need to be able to cope with change….