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Ready to Train: NLP Practitioner – Advanced Patterns
International Training Academy - ITA NLP Certifying InstituteYou might have completed your NLP Foundations and experience the powerful shifts, and realised you like to continue learning the full set of NLP Patterns and some advanced applications. Then the NLP Practitioner – Advanced Patterns is for you. This is the part two of the full NLP Practitioner qualification. You will experience real capability acceleration and if you are wanting to become a coach, you will also experience real life client sessions while been mentored by us.

This course is truly life changing and future shaping for all attendees.

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Are you a mentor, coach, human resources manager, therapist, psychologist, health practitioner, adviser, trainer, teacher, instructor, counselor, parent, consultant, healer, or provide assistance or advice, police, or you facilitate or create change in any way, shape or form to grow or develop others and yourself?

Did you know

…We are all Change Agents, because we all influence others and ourselves on a daily basis. The difference is, some make change with skill and some don’t. The ones who do it with skill are the ones who get rewarded

Do you want to influence others?

Does your profession require you to effectively and ethically influence others to change for a better future? Do you influence others in your life on a daily basis, even without a fancy title?

“NLP cannot be dismissed as just another hustle. Its theoretical underpinnings represent an ambitious attempt to codify and synthesize the insights of linguistics, body language and the study of communication systems.” ~ Psychology Today

We are all Change Agents, because we all influence others and ourselves on a daily basis. The difference is that some instigate change with themselves and others with skill, and some don’t. The ones who do it with skill and precision are the one who get the rewards.
Some people work to influence others professionally, from healing professionals to coaches, from alternative health providers to corporate consultants, from care givers to mentors. We call people who influence others for a greater outcome: “Change Agents”. You might be a Change Agent now, or in the process of transitioning yourself to become a Change Agent. When you instigate change with skill to generate a result, the outcome will be extremely rewarding on multiple levels.

“(NLP) offers the potential for making changes without the usual agony that accompanies these phenomena…Thus it affords the opportunity to gain flexibility, creativity and greater freedom of action than most of us now know…”

Trai?ning and Development Journal

NLP helps you to rapidly elevate your skill level and effectiveness to build deep rapport, heighten your awareness, reading your client’s unconscious signals, decode the hidden value and belief structure, thought patterns and much more. With NLP you can design more effective results and future oriented solutions or interventions. You will have more tools to work around blocks, resistance, hesitation or limiting beliefs, and help your staff or clients to gain deep insight. In short, you will dramatically become more effective in the art of consulting, coaching, healing, education and parenting.
Training structure was thought out efficiently and effectively, made group really think hard and pay attention to details. This made us think for ourselves to obtain better understanding and solutions without giving away the answers.      Attended a corporate training, 2010

Why is NLP so brilliantly effective in this area?

There are many reasons, but the most prominent ones are that this particular domain (Change) compared to other areas that NLP has branched into has had:

  • The most exploration
  • The most vetting
  • The most time since NLP’s origin
  • The most modelling and discovery, and essentially
  • The most revolution
NLP Practitioner – Enhancing your abilities to assist others on all levels.

“NLP has single-handedly shaped and created the Self-Help industry. Famous motivational speakers like Anthony Robbins have their roots in NLP, and so do many others.”

NLP skills taught today are far more efficiently learned and applied than when it were back in the early exploratory days of NLP’s childhood in the 70’s and early 80’s.
This is why well known motivational speakers who were trained in NLP are so effective in transforming minds in seconds or minutes; they are using NLP on their subjects, students and viewers and have been for so long now. Unlike some of the quick NLP Trainings and large scale trainings that abound, we focus on the learning product, your experience, and bringing great practitioners into the world above everything else.

“NLP is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the technology of achievement and human excellence.”

~ Time Magazine

What makes NLP so powerfully effective?

NLP has many distinctive characteristics that makes it so powerfully effective, and here are just a few:

NLP enhances your ability to build relationships and influence with integrity
Rapport building is one of the core NLP foundations that help you create a trusting relationship with your client to instigate effective change rapidly. Have you ever been successful with others when there is no rapport or low levels of rapport? Without rapport, there will be no trust, or influence to speak of.
NLP focuses on the processes of change, not on the content
Why? Have you ever got lost in other people’s use of words, meanings and interpretations? NLP shows how your client structures their thoughts and how they assign meanings to their experiences and the conclusions they generate. You can use what seems to be endless and effective NLP processes (or patterns) to cut through the maze that is their world and get to what is important with precision.
I’ve found the increased self-awareness and self-editing processes to have much wider-reaching uses and implications than I had been expecting and have used these tools in my personal life as well as, if not more, than in my professional life. These processes and ideas were harder to learn and sometimes felt somewhat strange at the time of training, but I can definitely see the benefit of learning these new skills.     Queenstown, NZ, 2010
NLP works with your ability to direct or redirect thinking
Have you ever met individuals, teams and leaders in an organisation who have become so stuck in their minds and thinking, which keeps them getting into the situations that cause failure? NLP will help you skillfully frame any situation and re-direct people to think in the direction that generates choices and results. By learning NLP, you will gain the skills to think on multiple levels and perspectives with clarity.
NLP develops your ability to communicate effectively
Resistance and blockages to progress can be overcome in several ways in NLP. One of the ways is using NLP to construct multi layered communications that engage the client on all levels and this bypasses conscious objections. This means you can get your message across artfully and effectively.
NLP is a must have tool if you are working with creating ecological change for yourself and others.
"Both Sonya and Mark are certainly expert trainers in the field of NLP. They are highly effective, skillful and fully of integrity. NLP tools and skills that I have gained have helped me personally and professionally. It has enhanced my capability and as a result, transforming my business. NLP really enhanced my leadership skills that provided me with immediate results. All these changes were from the first 8 days of the course. This course is so valuable that I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about their own development and success. I have worked with other NLP trainers, but will only recommend Sonya and Mark at Blue-Sky Transformation to you to get the Real NLP and make a difference in your life."     Vicki Sparks, Owner ConnectWorking, Australia, 2009-2010
"Mark has great knowledge and a passion for training that makes learning and changing easy. Mark and Sonya have some cool ideas that are pragmatic and effective in both business and personal development applications. Mark is humorous and dynamic in his training style. Mark and Sonya are a must for anyone wanting to change and learn in today′s turbulent climate."       John Thompson, Managing Director and NLP Trainer, Metropolis UK, 2009

Learning Outcomes – a partial list

  • Create and design effective change interventions
  • Build your own resourcefulness to handle any situation
  • Increase your awareness to read your client’s or staff’s subtle mind and body messages
  • Create change that is congruent with skill
  • Have the flexibility to work with your clients and step into their shoes
  • Use effective NLP processes or patterns to create rapid and painless change
Fantastic, incredibly helpful, and as each day goes by, the new tools are becoming second nature.       Attended a corporate training, 2010

Is this course for me?

For those who want to hone their skills to improve their ability to assist others with profound skills and impacts, NLP will dramatically extend and build your ability to be a effective change agent, in whatever role or industry you are in.NLP dramatically increases your ability to create choices and flexibility in managing your behaviours, states, thinking and experiences – ultimately enabling you to lead the way into a new, exciting, and compelling future.

“NLP could be the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication to emerge since the sixties.” ~ Science Digest

NLP makes “deciding what is best for you and the situation” possible. It goes beyond just clear thinking. In today’s world we are all under a multitude of influences and social dynamics. NLP helps you understand and notice these dynamics so you can make decisions with ease.

What if I was trained by another organisation?

For those who have already undergone some training by another organisation, ITA or Non-ITA, we have a special page dedicated to this topic. Trained by other Organizations covers how to gain the ITA NLP Classic Code Practitioner Qualification, or the ITA New Code Practitioner Qualification. It would be great to take a look at these links and then give us a call to get an idea how close your training might be so that you can continue on your learning journey with us.

Booking for this course Booking for this course
Our next NLP Practioner – Advanced Patterns can be reviewed here, and if you are ready to book, you can pay online in our webstore now.

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More Success Stories

Our effectiveness as coaches, consultants and trainers is closely related; as we coach and consult on a regular basis, this increases our ability to train in the area of human behavior, organizational change and specifically about coaching for personal performance. As we continue to train on a regular basis, this increases and stretches our experience and ultimately our effectiveness as coaches. So, we have a mixture of training and coaching testimonies here.

Testimony from within Queensland State Government
Testimony from a Psychologist
Testimony from the teaching profession
Testimony from an attendee at a Corporate Training
Testimony from specific Sales and Effectiveness Training

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