Mar 052012
2-for-1-offers on NLP Foundations in Brisbane

A Gift: 2 for 1 NLP Foundations Intensive for a limited time, and limited spaces.

In this NLP Foundations Intensive, you will gain solid skills to achieve and much more. You will walk away with greater clarity, ability to create change in yourself, understand the deep dynamic between people, and re-shape your own identity for success in life.

Is it time to:

  • Discover ‘Who’ is really directing your life
  • Take charge of your life to create success
  • Uncover your unconscious strategies
  • Install desired behaviours
  • Communicate clearly and precisely to generate results and boost your career
  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence to get the best results from yourself and others in any situation
  • Exercise your right to generate choices in life
  • Win friends and Influencing people with integrity
  • Understand others so you can be understood


Be Quick! It is only for a limited time with limited spaces
Our next NLP Foundations course will be an Intensive:  2 x 4 days (total 8 days) spread over two weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon) and if you want to secure your place or have someone in mind for the 2 for 1 deal,  you can secure this in our webstore now.

And there is more for you …
We will also share with you many of the powerful tools that we have created in the past ten years for our corporate, executive and personal clients to help you become even more effective and accelerate your learning. This set of tools has a street value over $3000.00 for free!  And if you are learning NLP wanting to become a coach, this set of tools are the perfect framework to help you conduct effective coaching sessions.  However, the true value is in how this course + additional tools will help you shape your inner game to create more successes in life and that is priceless!

Get this training from the webstore now.

Testimony from attending NLP Foundations

Very congurent trainers. Enjoyed interaction, Real-life needs and examples… {Learned} powerful techniques to improve own Chain of Excellence. Renewed energy to improve my character and levels of happiness and fulfillment.
      Attended NLP Foundations training, 2012

The content is so rich and the examples so relvant. I have so many tools and resources in my kit. I am now ready to shift and make better choices…. The overwhelming gratitude I have I am unsure how to express verbally… I can’t thank you both enough for making my life so much richer and encouraging me to make choices.
      Attended NLP Foundations training, 2012

Enjoyed the relaxed style; well facilitated; enjoyed practising what we learned and stories/ancedotes to solidify understanding.
      Attended NLP Foundations training, 2012

Most enjoyed presenting experiences, outings that were part of the the training, the walks and anchoring exercises. I have ysed the techniques to improve at works and this is useful for everywhere in my life. I am taking away a sense of always having choices, conversational techniques and rapport building techniques.
      Attended NLP Foundations training, 2012

Most enjoyed the small group format and the opportunity to apply the learning during the training. Thank you, this has been very powerful.
      Attended NLP Foundations training, 2012

This course has really helped me to take my life on a differnt and more positive path.
      Attended NLP Foundations training, 2012

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