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About NLP New Code

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Both Classic Code NLP and New Code are powerful transformational tools. NLP New Code takes NLP into an area that was not previously explored and together with Classic Code NLP, you will become the most skillful change agents for yourself and others. Blue-Sky Transformation is an quality ITA Certified New Code Institute and part of an unique network that develops and tests New Code patterns with Dr. John Grinder. Only ITA Certified New Code Institutes can issue Grinder & Bostic St Clair’s signatured New Code Practitioner Certificates.

“Sonya and Mark are quality ITA NLP trainers, who were personally trained and endorsed by ourselves and Michael Carroll. Their drive for quality and passion for pragmatic NLP training has been translated into a highly effective training design and format that ensures you get the most out of your training, to improve your life and the life of others around you.”
Dr. John Grinder, Co-creator of NLP & Carmen Bostic St Clair, Co-creator of New Code NLP

We bring the best of both New Code NLP and Classic Code NLP together so you can have the complete story. NLP – a worthy discipline, so learn it well. Both New Code and Classic Code NLP have the power to transform every aspect of your life and enrich your world in every way. We take your development seriously and are dedicated to teach you Real NLP for the Real World that creates Real Life Change so you can live your life better, easier and experience greater success!
Blue-Sky Transformation is Australasia’s Leading Centre of NLP Training, Education and Development. On this site, you will gain valuable information on how we can support your learning, developing and applying NLP. We have all the background to making the correct decisions you will need to make regarding training and many formats to our training.